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LGBT Resources

Eligibility for VA health care

VA health care and other insurance

If you have other forms of health care coverage (like a private insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE), you can use VA health care benefits along with these plans. Learn more about how VA works with other health insurance.

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Gulf War Veterans health issues

If you served in the Gulf War in Operation Desert Shield or Operation Desert Storm anytime after August 2, 1990, you may be at risk of certain health conditions. Learn about these conditions and what to do next to take care of your health.

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PTSD: National Center for PTSD

We are the world’s leading research and educational center of excellence on PTSD and traumatic stress.
PTSD is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening or traumatic event. If symptoms last more than a few months, it may be PTSD. The good news is that there are effective treatments.

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Discharge Upgrades

How to Apply for a Discharge Upgrade

Answer a series of questions to get customized step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a discharge upgrade or correction. If your application goes through and your discharge is upgraded, you’ll be eligible for the VA benefits you earned during your period of service.

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Health needs and conditions

The VA offers many services and programs for Veterans with specific needs-like women Veterans, Veterans with mental health problems, and elderly or disabled Veterans. We cover the cost of many of these services under the VA health care program. You may be able to get help paying for other services-like dental care-if you qualify for them as an added benefit. Find out how to access services for your specific needs.

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PrEP: Are You Protected from HIV?

VA offers pre-exposure medication to help protect you from infection with HIV

A Veteran and their partner enjoying an evening at home In the United States, about 40,000 people were newly infected with HIV in each of the past few years. There are options to reduce your risk of getting HIV. PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is one important tool that can help keep you protected.

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Housing for homeless Veterans

HUD-VASH is the largest permanent supportive housing program in the country, and it’s intended for Veterans who have experienced homelessness and need additional support maintaining housing. It’s been around since the 1990s. There were very few vouchers then, and it’s really ramped up since about 2008.

What HUD-VASH does is provide Housing Choice vouchers-what we used to call Section 8 vouchers. There are now probably around 90,000 to 95,000 HUD-VASH vouchers funded throughout the country, among many more general Housing Choice vouchers that HUD provides. And VA provides supportive services, case management, and health care. That’s how it becomes permanent supportive housing.

The voucher is permanent, and Veterans can take it and look for private-market rental apartments, or what we call “scattered-site apartments,” in the community. The Veterans have to pay only a third of their income toward rent. The voucher pays the rest.

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PTSD Bytes: Trauma in the LGBTQ+ community

LBGTQ+ people more likely to experience abuse or assault traumas

Modern Military Association of America

The Modern Military Association of America (MMAA) is the nation’s largest organization of LGBTQ+ service members, military spouses, veterans, their families, and allies. Formed through the merger of the American Military Partner Association and OutServe-SLDN, we are a united voice for the LBGTQ+ military and veteran community.

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National Veterans Training Institute

The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) provides specialized training and professional skills enhancement for veterans’ service providers staff. Focusing primarily on training individuals who help veterans secure long-term employment, NVTI is committed to ensuring that those who are tasked with this critical responsibility have the knowledge and tools necessary to perform their jobs effectively.

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Serving LGBT Veterans

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